Darius has held the title for the "longest living rabbit" since 2010 (Credit: West Mercia Police)

Darius, one of the world's most famous rabbits, has disappeared! The massive, 4 foot 3-inch long Continental Giant, who has held the Guinness World Record for the "longest living rabbit" since 2010, vanished from his backyard in the village of Stoulton, England, on April 10, 2021. The local police, who are frantically searching for Darius, believe he was stolen from his enclosure overnight on Saturday.

To help locate the thieves, his concerned owner, Annette Edwards, is offering a £2,000 (about $2,745) reward for anyone with information. In her appeal on Twitter, the 68-year-old pleaded for her pet's safe return, saying that the 12-year-old rabbit was too old to breed. “It’s just so upsetting because he is such a lovable character,” she told The Telegraph.

Though now retired, Darius was once an international celebrity who was insured for $1.6 million and traveled with a bodyguard. He comes from an impressive lineage of record-breaking Continental Giants. They include his grandfather Roberto, who measured 3 feet 6 inches, grandmother Amy who came in at 4 feet, and his mother Alice, who, at 3 feet 3 inches, held the Guinness World Record before Darius took over in 2010.