The Xpeng X2 recently completed its first public test flight in Dubai (Credit: Xpeng)

If Chinese automobile company Xpeng AeroHT has its way, we may soon be commuting on flying cars. The electric car manufacturer recently unveiled two radical flying vehicle models.

On October 10, 2022, the Xpeng X2 successfully completed its first public test flight in Dubai. The unmanned two-seater lifted off from Skydive Dubai on the opening day of the Gitex Global Technology Expo. X2's inaugural flight lasted just 90 seconds. It was witnessed by 150 conference attendees and officials.

The "teardrop-shaped" X2 is fitted with an electric engine and produces no carbon emissions. It is programmed to fly autonomously and can go up to 80 miles per hour (129km/h). X2's eight propellers — two at each corner of the vehicle — allow for vertical take-off and landing.

The X3 is a roadworthy flying car (Credit: Xpeng)

Shortly after X2's public debut, Xpeng AeroHT introduced a second flying car prototype. The Xpeng X3, unveiled in a video on October 24, 2022, is essentially a sports car with "wings." The company asserts that the X3 drives like a regular car in "ground mode." When the owner needs to fly, all they have to do is shift to "flight mode." The X3 will take off vertically. Once in the air, the "aircraft" can be piloted using the steering wheel and a right-hand gear lever.

Xpeng AeroHT is not the only car company developing flying cars. Over 500 companies are working on the endeavor. Even better, about two dozen models are currently in testing phases! At this rate, the future of flying vehicles certainly looks promising.