A green parrot, like the one above, recently stole a reporter's earpiece (Credit: Michael Gwyther-Jones/ CC-BY-SA-2.0/ Flickr)

On November 5, 2022, Nicolas Krumm was reporting about the rise in thefts in an area of Santiago, Chile. Suddenly, a parrot landed on his shoulder. The stunned newsman continued with the story while alerting the camera crew to the surprise visitor.

But before anyone could react, the cheeky bird took off with one of Krumm's earbuds. Fortunately, Krumm was able to get it back after the parrot lost interest and dropped it. The video of the bird's "theft" has gone viral since.

This is not the first time a reporter has been a victim of animal theft. In 2021, a golden retriever snatched the microphone from a Russian journalist giving a live weather report. The video shows the reporter chasing after the dog. She returns a few minutes later — with both the microphone and the mischievous pooch!

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