Pixy, a new drone, hopes to change the way people capture memories (Credit: Snap, com)

Self-portrait photographs, or "selfies," are a great way to document and share precious memories. However, the images, which only capture a moment in time, can be somewhat limiting. That may change soon, thanks to Pixy, a tiny camera drone that autonomously captures pictures and videos of all your adventures.

The bright yellow device is the brainchild of American social media company Snap Inc. — formerly known as Snapchat. The lightweight drone is fitted with two cameras — The top one focuses on the user and the bottom one on the surroundings. The bottom one also helps keep the drone stable and to detect the user's palm when it is time to land.

Unlike most drones, Pixy has no controller. All the user has to do is select one of four pre-set flight paths and press a button. The tiny camera will take off from the user's palm. Depending on the setting chosen, it will hover, orbit around, or follow them as they walk or run. When done filming, the user simply holds out their hand for Pixy to land on.

The camera's rechargeable battery can last for up to eight flights, allowing the user to film multiple activities on a single charge. A backup battery is also available. All videos and photos taken by Pixy are wirelessly transferred to the user's phone and stored in Snapchat Memories, where they can be viewed, edited, and, of course, shared.

The pocket-sized camera, priced at $249.99, is now available in the United States and France. But those eager to get their hands on the nifty device will have to be patient. The current estimated shipping time is between 14 and 15 weeks!

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