President Joe Biden Signs Bipartisan Gun Safety Bill Into Law


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President Joe Biden signed the gun safety bill into law on June 25, 2022 (Credit:

President Joe Biden signed the Bipartisan Safer Communities Act into law on June 25, 2022. The legislation aims to stop dangerous people from obtaining firearms and to provide much-needed funds to improve the nation's mental health system. It is the most significant gun control regulation approved by the US Congress since the now-expired Federal Assault Weapons Ban of 1994.

The law addresses several areas of concern, including the "boyfriend loophole." Under current federal law, those convicted of domestic violence are prohibited from purchasing a firearm only if they are living with, married to, or have a child with their partner. The new provision will prevent a person found guilty of abusing a current or former dating partner from buying a gun. It also calls for more in-depth background checks on gun buyers between the ages of 18 and 21.

States will also receive funding to create crisis intervention programs. The "red flag" law will enable law enforcement officers to petition the court to confiscate guns from individuals believed to be a threat to themselves or others. An additional $15 billion will be spent on improving mental health services and increasing security in schools.

The legislation falls short of the stringent gun control measures — such as assault weapon bans and magazine capacity restrictions — President Biden had hoped for. But both lawmakers and gun safety advocates agree that the bipartisan agreement is a step in the right direction toward saving innocent lives.

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  • dior_queen
    dior_queen7 months
    This is the best so people don't lose their family to some person !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • wepnep
    wepnep8 months
    Wow,that's at least a good decision by Biden..
    • majestic_tiger1
      yay thats awesome
      • triste
        triste9 months
        That's FABULOUS!!
        • 24kgold
          24kgold9 months
          I had no idea that he signed that yet
          • roseylakey
            roseylakey10 months
            I think this a very good thing because this is a good thing and we can all be safe
            • lil_tone501
              lil_tone50110 months
              I think this is a good thing. I also want to say how I think some people got things a little wrong. (Please correct me if I got something wrong) The point of the bill he signed is to make restrictions of like big assault weapons and other fires arms also the size of its magazine in the gun. It is not banning guns for in the constitution people have a right to own a weapon to protect themselves and maybe there family. So if they were to ban guns they would need to make a whole amendment. I think this can be a seed for better safety when it comes to fire arms.
              • lilymbb
                lilymbb10 months
                Why🤦🤦?? People should be able to buy guns so the can portect there family's or their selfs .For example: what if someone broke into your home and tried to hurt you family or you. Yay shouer you could go ahead and call the cops but what if they try to hurt you or kill you then you have a way to portect your self with out getting hurt!
                • willgoat6
                  willgoat67 months
                  It doesn't matter you should never uses guns
                  • chin9863
                    chin98638 months
                    No its not , people should be able to purchase guns. Some people because people are dangerous some are not. I agree and disagree because . Guns are a weapon for protection and harm and some people use them for less protection of themselves and more unnecessary harm of others . That's why People should not be offered guns lets look for more resources not always a gun
                    • milkfanforever
                      • animeboss
                        animeboss10 months
                        I agree
                      • suriya
                        suriya10 months
                        But thing is people…stay strong, don’t ever get scared.Its okay to get scared but just know that if anything happens for every 1 bead person there’s a ga-zillion good people!😁
                        • cabingirl10
                          cabingirl1011 months
                          Thank God for this, we needed this change, but I know people think this isn't huge, but I do, and it will help while we keep putting 1 foot in front of the other.✌❤
                          • chin9863
                            chin98638 months
                            Its not huge its tiny but its still something but there can and have to be done more if we wanna ensure safety and quickly before more people loose lives unfairly !!