Crash will star in a chocolate egg commercial (Credit: Cadbury/ The Hershey Company)

Crash, a one-eyed rescue cat from Boise, Idaho, has won the 2023 Cadbury "Bunny" Tryouts. The 8-year-old feline will star in an Easter commercial for Cadbury's chocolate eggs and be inducted into the "Bunny Tryouts Hall of Fame." He will also receive a cash prize of $5,000 for himself. Another $5,000 will be given to Simply Cats, the rescue center where Crash resides. They plan to use all the funds to help other animals in need.

Patty Cutler, the executive director at Simply Cats, stumbled upon Crash in 2018, while heading to work. The cat had been hit by a car and left with a broken jaw and leg. His right eye had also been damaged. Cutler rushed the injured cat to an animal clinic.

The doctors were unable to save his eye. But six surgeries later, Crash was healthy enough to be brought to Simply Cats. The rescue center had initially intended to put the cat up for adoption. But they fell in love with his outgoing personality and decided to make him an ambassador for Simply Cats.

Crash will be inducted into the Cadbury Bunny Tryouts Hall of Fame (Credit: Cadbury/ The Hershey Company)

When Simply Cat staff members heard that the Cadbury's Bunny Tryout competition was seeking rescue pets, they decided to enter Crash. On March 21, 2023, Cadbury announced that fans nationwide had overwhelmingly voted for the adorable one-eyed cat.

Crash is the first cat to win the prestigious contest. Previous winners include Henri, the English Bulldog, and Betty the Frog.