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Mrs. KuruzovichHello Sharks! Please pick one article to read. You may read it independently or with a parent. Don't forget to watch the video, if there one. Then, answer the article comprehension questions and critical thinking challenge at the bottom of the page. Please write in cursive (except for Nate & Christopher). This is due Wednesday, 2/12.

Video Of The Week - Titus, The Basketball Whiz Kid Is Back!

Earlier this year, two-year old Titus stunned the world with his basketball skills. The young Kansas tot is back and this time with two friends - Hollywood Megastars Channing Tatum and Bradley Cooper, in tow.

In Western Australia Even Sharks  Send Out 'Tweets'!

The fact that Twitter, the social networking and microblogging site which enables users to send 'tweets' or 140 character messages to their followers is popular, is no secret. However so far the service was being used only by humans. Now it appears that some sharks that frequent the coastal regions of Western Australia have also joined the fray.

Rocks That Grow? Hmm . . .

The Romanian town of Costesti is home to one of the world's most amazing natural phenomena - rocks that grow. Named Trovants or 'cemented sand' the spherical shaped stones are believed to have first appeared on earth about six million years ago, following a powerful earthquake.

Welsh Woman Becomes First Person To Bike To The South Pole

This holiday season, while most people were cuddled up in front of a fireplace, a few were striving to achieve what no human had been able to do - Peddle across the Antarctica! The three-way race between Britain's Maria Leijerstam, Spain's Juan Mendez and America's Daniel Burton began in mid-December from the Novo Russian airbase in Queen Maud Land, Eastern Antarctica.

Polar Vortex Brings Sub-Zero Temperatures To The US

On Monday, January 6th, more than 140 million Americans woke up to frigid temperatures - ones that had not been experienced in at least 25 years. The Midwestern part of the country bore the brunt of the cold. Fort Wayne recorded a bone-chilling high of -13°F, while Chicago reported an even lower -16°F. And those numbers were without the windchill, (the effect the wind has on lowering the temperature), factored in.

Suffering From Boredom? What Kind?

The next time you utter the words 'I am bored', don't be surprised if someone asks you what kind? That's because scientists have discovered that there are five nuances of this one emotion - indifferent, calibrating, searching, reactant and apathetic!

Video Of The Week - Peru's Underwater Artist

Many artists specialize in painting marine life. However, few do it like Peruvian artist Pascual Mimbela - By taking a plunge into the Pacific and creating his masterpieces, as his subjects swim by.

Is This The World's Most Incredible Paper Airplane? We Sure Think So!

When one thinks of paper airplanes, the image that comes to mind is usually one of a carelessly folded creation that takes a few seconds to build. However, don't tell that to Luca Iaconi-Stewart. He has spent the last five years building one from Manila paper and is still not done!

Parched California Turns To Science To Create Snow

For Americans, this year's winter has been an interesting dichotomy. While the eastern part of the country has been inundated with snow, the west has seen very little precipitation. One of the most affected is the State of California, which according to experts may be facing its worst drought since record-keeping began, about a century ago.

Print Your Candy And Eat It Too!

Seems as though every time you turn around there is a 3D printer with a new functionality invented. They can be used to build (faux) cars, help with school projects and even bring a virtual Minecraft world to life. While they are all cool, none have managed to hit the 'sweet' spot quite like the Chef Jet - the world's first on-demand 3D candy printer!

Why Australian Researchers Are 'Spying' On 5,000 Honey Bees

The industrious honey bee not only provides us with delicious honey, but also, helps pollinate about a third of the world's fruits and vegetables. It is therefore no wonder that the ongoing deaths of millions of the tiny insects throughout the world, a phenomenon scientists call Colony-Collapse Disorder, has researchers extremely worried. What's even worse is that despite extensive investigation, the cause still remains a total mystery.

American Winter Freeze Results In Some Cool Natural Phenomena

On Monday, January 27th, residents of Ohio, Pennsylvania and Illinois woke up to a special treat - Giant snow rollers. Often described as nature's snow sculptures, the beautiful giant columns are a rare meteorological phenomenon.

Giddy Up! It's The Year Of The Horse

On Friday, January 31st, 2014, more than a billion people of Chinese origin will usher in the first day of the year 4712. Known as the Lunar New Year or Spring Festival, it marks the beginning of the longest and most significant of all Chinese festivals. As the name indicates, the four-thousand-year-old tradition whose date is determined by the lunar calendar, began as a way to mark the end of the dreary winter season and the beginning of spring.

Can Giant Walls Deter The Formation Of Destructive Tornadoes?

Tornados in the Midwestern and Southern United States have always been a troubling yet fascinating phenomenon - just think of Dorothy's whirlwind adventure in the Wizard of Oz! Occurring predominantly in the area east of the Rocky Mountains dubbed 'Tornado Alley', they form during severe thunderstorms called supercells that occur when cold dry polar air comes in contact with warm moist tropical air.

Mystery Lake In Tunisian Desert Causes Both Joy And Concern

In early July, shepherds walking across the Tunisian desert, stumbled upon an unusual sight - a beautiful blue lake that had mysteriously appeared in the midst of the parched land. While nobody knows for sure how the 60-foot deep stretch of water that spans over two acres was formed, there are a few theories.

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