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    *Sigh* That dolphin is so in luck. I suppose this video is a good example of why littering is a horrible idea. Littering can harm many poor and innocent animals, and it may become a bad habit for the people in the future, who might follow our present example. It may harm nature's food chain, and an extinct animal means a horrible danger to many other species, including us hum as. As humans we must protect the world and land that our Lord gave us. That video is also proving that even the smallest bit of rubbish can turn into a huge disaster. There should be a law, that must be followed no matter what, that says to never litter. I'm guessing that some -or many- countries have this law already, but some people are quite disobedient. Some people just do as they like, littering here and there. They have no idea how much harm a little plastic bag on the side of the road can do. They have no idea how much danger they are causing. They have no idea at all. So please you people out there, don't litter, as we must protect the land our Father gave us.
    Over 10 years ago

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