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Coloring Pages For You

Young kids love to color - However it is a time consuming and messy endeavor. Coloring pages have to be sought out and printed. Then come the messy paints and the various paintbrushes that need to turn the white paper into a piece of art. And after all that, they cannot share their masterpiece with anybody but their immediate family. This site changes all that - Select the picture, color of paint, paint brush tip or 'paint of bucket' for background coloring and paint away. Don't like the end result? Simple 'wash' it all away and start again. No fuss, no muss and the best part is you can save your painting, share it and even earn some mulla by entering their ongoing coloring contests.

NASA Kids' Club

Looking for a kid-friendly site to explore space? What better place to do it then NASA's very own Kids' Club! Learn about astronauts currently in space, play intriguing games, and explore planet Mars. You can also get a personal Mars expert who will answer any questions you may have. There are even contests to name sections of the Solar System. All the games have interesting space facts and include some favorite icons including Buzz Lightyear. For each grade level there are different games to fit with what you have learned in class. Enter the clubhouse to learn about space lunches, calculate your weight and age on different planets, play puzzles, color printable pictures, and admire some breath-taking pictures of earth taken from space.

Figure This

Figure This offers math challenges for kids and their families. The questions fun puzzles like - if you’re the 300th person in line for a concert ticket how long would you have to wait? Other questions are more hands on, requiring you to build simple objects and compare and contrast. After you have completed the question you can click on the answer box to see if you are on the right track. Good Luck!

Kids Planet

If you love animals and want to see how you can help or simply have to look up some quick facts for homework, Kids Planet is a great place to start. It will give the facts about the animals that are in the wild and give you ideas about how you can help protect them. You can even 'adopt' one if you fall in love. And of course, following all this learning there are some 'wild' games to help you relax and have fun!

Kidtastic is a great place to go to play games, do art, play virtual instruments, send e-cards, get homework help and more. They have many different games to offer, from classic ones like checkers and solitaire to virtual golf, rubik's cube, basketball and many more. You can also create all kinds of art masterpieces ranging from free-hand drawing to manipulating existing ones. The site even hosts free contests and gives you the lowdown of the hottest new toys.

Little Shop Of Physics

Created by the students from Colorado State University, this nifty site is a great way to learn science without having to spend hours pondering over a book. The list of practical experiments that are divided into three categories - Amazing physics, Computer Stuff and Shockwave Stuff are so much fun that you will forget you are learning science.


It is often said that a picture is worth a thousand words. Now you can get inspired by one and write a beautiful story. Simply select the artwork you like or pick a topic from the tag cloud and get started. All you have to do is drag one of the many image options provided by the artist and write your tale. Once you are done, save and share your masterpieces with others. Don't like to write? No worries. Simply read the many fun stories that have been created by others.

Mission: Biomes

If you have ever wondered what it would be like to live in a Desert, Rainforest or even the Tundra, you will love this site. Set up by NASA it gives you the scoop on each biome ranging from animals that live in the community to the plants that survive in each of these regions. Once you are done reading about all of them you can go on one of two missions - Help graph out weather patterns or pick the flora that would survive in each environment. In addition to this the site also offers a number of cool up-to-date graphics, which depict things like the levels of carbon monoxide on the planet, sea surface temperature, snow cover and other interesting phenomenon.

MrNussbaum - A Thousand Sites In One

While most sites fall under one learning category, this aptly named site seems to have it all. You can practice your math facts, read up on a social studies topic, research a science project, or even play games!  And, since it is organized by subject matter, as well as, grade level you can easily get to what you are looking for, pretty easily.

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