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Filled with coloring pages, printables and episodes of kid shows like Hello Kitty and Spongebob, a lot of the content is geared for younger kids. However, their crafts area is pretty cool, especially for seasonal holidays like Halloween. Our absolute fav is the video that shows how to create a scary finger. Be sure to check it out.

Squigly's Arts & Crafts


Squigly's Arts & Crafts is a great website for kids who like to create things. You can learn to make lots of stuff like clip on braids, magnets and even caramel popcorn. The best part is that most of the crafts are made from recycled things like shoe boxes and plastic bottles. The site also shows you how to make seasonal crafts (for that special valentine day gift) jewelry and also has cool dress-up games in case you are not feeling very creative.

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