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The Periodic Table Of Videos

Having a hard time understanding what Periodic Tables are all about? Then you need to check this site out. Created by the scientists at University of Nottingham, it has short videos about each element. And that's just the beginning - There are numerous other science experiment videos, which demonstrate things like global warming, food digestion and other fun stuff.


EEk! or Environmental Education for kids is a great resource for all kinds of fun nature stuff. Learn about why Canada geese migrate or the key attributes of a mammal and lots of other fun and informative stuff. A great site for any science research project. The site also has a riddle of the month, which if answered correctly could earn you a prize!

Kids Do Ecology

A great site to learn about the science of ecology or how living things interact with each other. The site also explains things like endangered animals and how to collect and analyze scientific data. But best of all, it explains how ecology can be used in class projects and lists some that have been done in classrooms all across the country.


Always wanted to be a special agent with a secret mission? Here's your chance to be part of the most important mission of all - Saving our Earth. Simply pick on of the issues that is plaguing our Planet, accept one of the missions to turn it around and see if you succeed.

Virtual Forest Challenge

A great 'green' site that makes you think about the everyday choices you make whether at home, school or workplace and how it effects our Planet Earth. Play all the games and see if are doing everything you can.

Extreme Science

Find the biggest, baddest and most extreme information on any Science topic you like. Learn about the biggest river in the world or the biggest and baddest animals- and thats just a few examples! The site also has fun videos about most of the articles.

ECO Kids

A great site if you are looking for ideas on how to help our Planet, information on endangered animals or simply to pass time with some Earth-friendly games. The easy to navigate site also features hundreds of elementary school home pages, where kids write about their school's efforts to be green - Your class or school can easily set up one for free too! The site also has a special resources section for Teachers.

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