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Kids Numbers

Those mad minute math tests getting you all agitated? Then you need to check out the exercises on this website. Designed by educators, it will make you an expert on all the facets of math in no time at all - And with games like Math Terminator and St. Pat's day Adventure, you will have more fun than trying to learn with those old-fashioned flash cards.

After School Mathematics

Specially designed for students in grades 5-8th, this site has suggestions on how to create some really cool math games that can be played with friends and classmates. The games are not restricted to just normal puzzles, but also, include things like Life Skills, where you can figure out how to build a house or even Velocity Olympics, which combines physical activity with math. You can even organize a math game show after your learn all the concepts!


With school almost starting it's time to get those brain cells working again, with the Cyberchase Summer Challenge. Simply log in with the help of an adult and get your creative juices flowing or brains rolling by creating your own video games, playing the cyber trivia or doing some fun home activities. The best part is, each activity earns you points, which can be exchanged for a cyber reward! After you are done, settle down in front of tube and sharpen you math skills, by going on fun adventures with the Cyberchase team - Jackie, Matt, Inez and Digit. It's the one time your parents will applaud you for watching TV.

Online Math Games

While there are plenty of math game sites, this one ranks as one of our favs. With games like Shooting the Fruit and Popping Balloons you will be glued for hours - The best part is, you can even send your 'high' scores to your friends or even teacher - just to show what a great student you are!


This is a great site to brush up math and vocabulary skills by playing fun game, while competing with kids all over the globe. Pick a game, choose from one of 8 levels, and simply start playing with whoever is on-line.


This is a great site to practice some math while having fun. The games can be played in one of of four fun categories - travel, music, fashion and sports, and none of them will feel like you are doing any math. The site also features a math moves university, which can help you look up math terms and offers some practice problems.

AAA Math

As the name indicates, this is indeed a AAA site for math. Categorized by grade the site goes through every math concept covered from K-8, providing a wealth of information.

Prongo is a great site for math and general knowledge games  Categorized by ages ranging from 3-12, the site has a ton of activities that range from practicing simple math facts to taking a quiz about the human body and dinosaurs. Just press your age group and get rolling.

Whether you are in Kindergarten or Seventh-Grade, you will love this site. Every math concept is covered in detail and followed up with fun practical problems.

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