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At The Sochi Olympics, Everyone Can Be A Star

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This February, there's more reason to tune in to the Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia than just the sporting events - The chance to see thousands of lucky visitors make their own mark by having their faces displayed on the side of the Olympic Village's 2,000 square-meter (21,527 square-feet) MegaFon Pavilion.

Robocops, Robots And Drones To Boost Security At Upcoming Events In Brazil

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Over the next four years, Brazil will be home to several world-class events. In July 2013, the largely catholic nation will welcome the recently elected Pope Francis as he makes his first official international visit. In 2014, Rio De Janeiro will host World Cup Soccer and two years later, the much awaited summer Olympics. Given the unfortunate rise in terrorism especially at large public events, the government is not taking chances when it comes to keeping both visitors and locals, safe.

Kila Raipur's Rural Olympics Are Like None Other

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If you think Olympic athletes that have four years to train in between events have it rough, then you haven't met the sportsmen and women that participate in the Kila Raipur Olympics. Not only do they compete every year, but also, do so in 'sporting events' that require very unusual skills and in some cases, almost inhuman strength. Also, even though the villagers don't spend millions of dollars on special venues, shows and firework extravaganzas, these games appear to be much more fun than the real deal!

US Gymnast  Out Scowled By President Obama!

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While everything about the 2012 Summer Olympics was mesmerizing, some moments will forever be etched in our minds - Oscar Pistorius running on his carbon fiber legs, Michael Phelps celebrating his final swim and most of all, US silver medalist McKayla Maroney, scowling in disappointment!

The Person That Made Michael Phelps Feel Like A 'Crazy Bieber Fan'

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Imagine how you would feel if you were just hanging out in your room and in walked Justin Bieber, Taylor Swift or whoever it is that you have fantasized about meeting all your life. That, is exactly how Michael Phelps described as his reaction upon meeting this athlete that he has idolized since he was a kid - Except, the incident did not occur in the privacy of his home but in a television studio in front of a live audience, which means that his entire reaction was caught on tape! So who is this person? Read on . . .

Olympic Fan Pedaled Across 16 Countries To Get To The 2012 London Games

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While the Summer Olympics may be over, the incredible stories about the dedicated athletes and their equally dedicated fans, keep pouring in. 57-year old Chen Gunanming from China's Jiangsu Province is one of them. Though not an Olympic athlete, his incredible journey to attend the 2012 London games deserves a gold medal for sheer perseverance and effort.

It's A Wrap! The 30th Olympic Games Comes To A Successful Rock 'N' Rollin End!

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On Sunday night, millions of people all around the world were once again glued to the television as London put on a lively Rock 'n' Roll concert to celebrate the end of the 2012 Summer Olympics. Over the last 17 days we have all shared the victories and disappointments of the numerous athletes that had amalgamated in London with one mission - To make their country proud by bringing home a medal. Here, is a recap of some of moments that will forever be etched in our memories.

No Sport Needed For This Olympic Guinness World Record!

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If you are aspiring to get into the Guinness World Records for Olympics, but don't quite have Michael's swimming talent or Gabby's gymnastic prowess, here's some encouraging news - It's still possible. All you have to do, is attend more than 18 Olympic Summer Games which, is the record set by 90-year old Harry Nelson.

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