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All you Harry Potter fans, be very careful before you put on that wizard's hat! Three-year-old, avid Harry Potter fan, Charlie Thomson learnt the hard way.

Charlie was on an outing with his family, when he suddenly decided to copy his Hogwarts hero by putting on a Wizard's hat. The only problem was his choice of hat - a discarded yellow traffic cone, which wouldn't come off.

His parents tried everything, even dousing his head with soapy water. In the end they had to call the firemen for help. It took six men, about half an hour to cut the cone using cutting tools and pliers. While Charlie was fine, his head and pride were a little bruised.

His parents replaced his "cone" hat with a real wizard hat so Charlie can really emulate his Hogwarts hero.

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  • ravenwing
    ravenwing11 months
    Ha ha! To bad it an,t real😒
    • wolfy_blue
      wolfy_blue11 months
      That's funny but bad for him.
      • mattchien
        mattchien11 months
        I LOVE Harry Potter!
        • indecisive
          indecisiveover 1 year
          This. Article. Is. Amazing. Oof for Charlie, poor kid. I'm glad the cone was removed from his head.
          • lillypotter
            lillypotterover 1 year
            hahahaha that is funny but kind of a big oof too
            • Moonlight over 2 years
              I’ve read all the Harry Potter books series
              • Rone wisleyabout 3 years
                harry potter is so cool best Hogwarts house is slytherin !!!!
                • Harry Potterabout 3 years
                  LOVE MY OWN MOVIE, LOL
                  • Hermione about 3 years
                    I LOVE Harry Potter It the best book series
                    • MAY MONTHabout 3 years
                      I love Harry potter. Except who does that how do you not know that a hat is a cone?