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First there was the fish pedicure and now this. A Health and Beauty Spa in Northern Israel is offering a snake massage, which entails at least six snakes of all kinds slithering up and down and massaging the client's aching muscles.

Ada Barak, who offers this treatment at her Salon in the city of Talmei Elazer in Northern Israel, uses a combination of Florida and California King snakes, Corn snakes and Milk snakes for her massages. All three snakes are non-poisonous, feed largely on dead mice and make great pets.

Ada says she got the idea when people holding these snakes said it felt therapeutic to have them creeping over their hands. Over the years, she has figured out what snakes work best for different kinds of aches. The heavier King and Corn snakes are best for kneading away those deep muscle aches, whilst the little ones flutter away on those delicate face muscles, sometimes even taking a small bite at the eyelashes - at least that's what happened to a reporter from Time magazine, who recently tried the massage.

Ada, who charges $80 USD for this special treatment, says that most people who try it are a little apprehensive at first, but end up loving it, feeling totally relaxed by the time they are done. We don't know about you but having these creepy crawlies slithering down the body sounds........... Just a little too creepy for us!,,

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