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What will Formula One racing cars look like in the year 2025? - That was the question posed to automakers at the fifth annual LA design challenge. Dubbed 'Motorsports 2025', the competition invited car manufacturers to come up with a design of the ultimate racing car. Nine major car companies, including General Motors, Mitsubishi, Volkswagen and Toyota rose to the challenge and came up with some pretty amazing looking design concepts.

The Mercedes Benz Formula Zero

Mercedes has submitted a concept design that incorporates some the dynamics of formula one racing, bobsledding and even sailing in this sleek-looking car. The car has been designed to run on transparent tracks, which will allow spectators a clear view of the action, even from below.

The Great Race 2025 By Honda

The Honda designers drew their inspiration from the Great Auto Race of 1908, when 17 men rode across three continents from New York to Paris, braving the frozen Bering Straits. It took them about six months to complete the race. Honda's Great Race vehicle is being designed to enable drivers complete the same course in 24 hours, traversing by land across the United States, by Sea through Asia and by air over Europe - For this amazing car will be able will be able to drive, sail and fly, with just a flip of a switch!

Toyota Lemans Racer

While Toyota's vision never leaves the ground, it is designed to be the ultimate racing car that never needs to stop. It is powered by highly efficient hydrogen fuel cell electric motors AND each of its body panels is embedded with photovoltaic panels (solar panels) that can provide the extra energy when needed. Additionally, the cockpit is entirely digital and even comes with a robot co-driver who manages all the systems, so that the driver can focus on the most important thing - winning the race!

Mazda Kaan

Mazda's Kaan is inspired by the forces of nature, especially a bolt of lightning! Accordingly, it has also been conceived as a zero-emission, completely electric vehicle. Designed on the assumption that by 2025, California highways will have been resurfaced with a sub-level electro-conductive polymer, the car's tire system is built with special technology that will allow it to reach speeds of 250mph, without any harmful emissions.

GM Chapparral Volt

General Motor's Chaparral Volt is also conceived as a green vehicle, deriving its energy from all three elements - Earth, Wind and Fire. The design uses the gravity of the Earth to provide greater braking efficiency as well as, regeneration of energy. Wind is used for cooling the engines and also generating energy. Lastly, the abundant power from the fire of the Sun, is captured in the thin photovoltaic panels of the car, and is the primary source of energy.

Volkswagen's Baja 1000

Volkswagen's vision of the ultimate race car is to produce one that allows for one driver and one 10-gallon tank of fuel. The challenge is for the competitor to use every bit of technology, strategy and wit to finish. It is a car that uses a lot of the efficiencies and techniques used by motorcyclists, including allowing the driver to lean at turns and be able to manipulate all wheels. Powered by dual turbine engines, it operates on patented biosynthetic jet fuel. To see more pictures and read about the rest of the finalists check out http://www.laautoshow.com/DesignChallenge.html.

Though the winner won't be announced until November 20th, you can vote for your favorite concept car by adding your comment below.

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