Turkey Bowl - An Annual Thanksgiving Tradition In Ohio


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While the rest of the nation gets ready to thaw their turkey for the big Thanksgiving feast, folks in Cincinnati are making sure their birds are as frozen as can be - for soft turkeys do not make good bowling balls!

Tomorrow hundreds of contestants, both young and old will line up on the holiday skating rink at Cincinnati's famous landmark, Fountain Square to try their hand at the Annual Turkey Bowl.

As the name suggests, competitors slide frozen birds instead of bowling balls across the skating rink to try knock down ten pins.

Each contestant gets three tries and the person with the highest score wins $100 and a set of DVDs featuring WKRP in Cincinnati, a television show that was extremely popular between 1978-1982.

The event, which is also a fundraiser, costs $5 USD to enter, with all the proceeds being donated to charity.

In case you are wondering - the birds used are all turkeys that have been slated to be thrown away by stores.

Source: NPR.org

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