Composer, Player and Entertainer - And He's Just Seven!


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Born on December 24th 2000, this soon to be eight-year old, calls himself a Hanukkah baby. However, Ethan Bortnick has already accomplished more in the field of music than most musicians are able to do in their entire lives.

Ethan who lives in Florida is a child prodigy who began playing the keyboard at the age of three and composing songs by the age of five. This cherubic youngster, who can play a song after hearing it just once, has already made several appearances on National Television and performed on stage with many national and international artists.

His music career began at the age of three, when he announced that he wanted to learn the piano. When told he was too young, Ethan memorized Mozart's composition, Alla Turca and played it on the keyboard at home, shocking his parents. Needless to say, Ethan's wish for piano lessons was promptly granted.

Today, Ethan can play 200 songs from memory, has composed over 30 songs that are in the process of being published and has raised thousands of dollars for charities. But ask Ethan what he wants to be when he grows up - and he promptly replies "Zookeeper" - Yup this young lad definitely has many talents!


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