12-year Old Girl Saves Siblings


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On Saturday night, 12-year old Derrionna Adams was sleeping soundly on the first floor, along with her 8 and 9 year old siblings, when their house caught fire. Her parents were downstairs and couldn't get to them because of smoke and flames on the staircase. Instead of panicking, this brave girl led her two siblings to safety.

She quickly kicked open the window and led her siblings out to the roof. But once outside they realized that their three younger sisters were missing.

Not realizing that the sisters were safe with their parents, Derrionna's 9-year old brother Dedeonta went back to look for them. Not finding them, he came out safely, but suffered some burns in his hands. All three then jumped 15ft from the roof and landed safely away from the burning house. The parents and the other kids also got out safely. The house on the other hand was completely burnt down.

Dedeonta and Derrionna were both praised for their courage and ability to think clearly. The Mayor of the city plans to hold a special ceremony to honor them both.

Way to go Derrionna and Dedeonta!

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