He is a 21-year old international star who travels the country herding sheep and riding on his "horse" - a border collie dog at rodeos and fairs. Meet Whiplash, a swash-buckling capuchin monkey, who has won thousands of hearts all over the world with his rodeo skills, and is about to win yours.

Whiplash has been with his owner since birth and has been riding dogs since he was two years old. He has become so famous that he has his own website (www.whiplashrides.com) which provides his schedule of appearances, photos and a list of his sponsors. It also sells "Whiplash" branded tee shirts, coffee mugs and other merchandise.

That's not all, Whiplash is also the spokesperson for "Taco Johns' - a nationwide chain of Mexican restaurants and appears in their commercials.

While not riding or starring in commercials Whiplash is just like any other teenager - he likes to listen to music (country), eat peanut butter & jelly sandwiches and grapes. He also likes to watch T.V., especially "Law and Order" and "Animal Planet.