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7-year old Nia Zui, a first-grade student in the Guangxi Province of Southern China has already earned the nickname of IT Master!

And it's a title that is well deserved too - for while this little one still does not know how to read a book, he is already in the middle of college level training in computer programming and also has an impressive resume to boot.

Nia, who started playing computer games when he was two, went on to install Windows 98/Windows XP at the tender age of three. By the time he turned four, he could install an operating system in MS-DOS mode. By five and six he was installing computer hardware and repairing computers. Currently he is into computer programming.

The highlight of his young life was last November, when around his seventh birthday, he helped a college upgrade their computer operating system. He managed to upgrade 7 of the 45 computers independently - his birthday gift to himself! We have a feeling we are going to hear about this young computer whiz a lot in the next few years.

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