INCHworms - Shoes That Grow With You


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How would you like to buy cool-looking trainers that grow with you? Think that's impossible? - not any more thanks to a U.S. manufacturer called Inchworms.

The Boston based company uses a technology called IFit that allows the shoe to "grow", with just a push of a button. The middle of the shoe is built like an accordion, which makes it flexible and comfortable and also allows the shoe to extend as your feet grow.

The shoes, which come in great styles and can be extended up to two half-shoe sizes (e.g:10 - 10 1/2 -11), are built sturdy enough to last the extra time that kids will be able to use them.

Besides saving a lot of money on buying shoes, not having to throw shoes away every six months is also great for the environment! Think about all the resources we are saving and all the dumps we are not adding to. What an awesome idea. To check out the INCHworms shoe selection go to:

Compiled from:, Daily Mail

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