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"Google Doodles" - the different themes that show up on the Company's home page around the Google Logo, have become very popular over the years. Recently the company decided to take "doodling" to the classrooms of America, and ask students from K-12, to create a new Google Doodle.

The Doodle competition, which could only be entered through schools, had to be created with the theme - "What if?" (What if we could all be friends, What if the World was square etc.).

The Company received thousands of entries from schools and has narrowed the winners down to 40 regional finalists, 10 from each grade group category. They are now asking kids all over the country to vote for the one they like best, in each category. If you are interested in voting go to and vote for your favorite Google Doodle, before May 18th 2008. Your votes will help decide the final four!

An expert panel of judges will then pick one National Winner from the four, who will not only get to meet Google's Chief Doodler, Dennis Hwang, but also see his/her creation on the Google homepage for 24 hours! In addition to that he/she will receive a $10,000 U.S. Dollar scholarship, a new laptop and a T-shirt with his/her doodle printed on it. Google will also give the winners' school $25,000 U.S.Dollars toward a new computer lab. Pretty Cool!

Don't forget to vote for your best doodle and enjoy the two videos below. The first one shows Google's Chief Doodler Dennis at work and the second one, young doodlers coming up with their creations for the competition.

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  • cowsrgreat
    cowsrgreatalmost 3 years
    I wish I could draw better :(
    • meover 5 years
      I want to do that!
      • cooooooolyoalmost 6 years
        When are they going to do it in 2015?
        • tmrrralmost 6 years
          • Selenaover 6 years
            The second one is the BEST.💯😆😎
            • yee
              yeeover 6 years
              I think the second one is definitely th best
              • applepie00
                applepie00over 6 years
                I like the 3rd one! : ]
                • tashadtasha
                  tashadtashaover 6 years
                  I like the 2nd one.
                  • tomboy #1over 6 years
                    I am voting for the 3rd one, because I love nature, more than almost anything.
                    • pandy123
                      pandy123over 6 years
                      So amazing I might want to try that