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If there were a competition for the clumsiest dog in the world, 12-year old Chester would be a strong contender and most possibly the winner. For this British Lurcher is such a klutz, that he is always falling over things or getting stuck in weird places. It started the day his owner, Jim rescued him from an animal shelter about four years ago.

Chester hurled at Jim and knocked him down, dislocating one of Jim's knees. While Jim nursed his knee, Chester kept running!

Jim however, fell in love with this klutz and adopted him. Since then, life has been quite exciting for both of them, with several trips to the hospital emergency room. In the last four years, Chester has broken his teeth, dislocated his shoulder, broken his tailbone and suffered from a life threatening stomach injury. All in all, Chester has had nine operations during this four-year period.

In the most recent incident, Chester got his paw caught in the boot mechanism of Jim's car, as he tried to hide a ball. Firefighters had to be called in to free poor Chester. Even at home, Chester is constantly stumbling over things and falling down stairs. Jim says, just like a toddler, he cries and needs a hug when he falls, but is right back at it in a few minutes.

Doctors believe Chester is clumsy not only because of his poor eyesight, but also because he suffers from a dog-form of Alzheimer's disease - a disease that destroys brain cells. While there is nothing they can do to help Chester, he is lucky to be with an owner who loves him and is willing to put up with all his klutziness! If you have any dog stories to share with us, write to use at


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  • nO nAmEover 3 years
    i wish i can meet taht dog
    • nO nAmEover 3 years
      poor dog :(
      • tcwgaming
        tcwgamingalmost 4 years
        that dog is crazy! I feel so bad for him!
        • wolfdog
          wolfdogalmost 4 years
          The owner should be more responsible, if he knows his poor doggo is still stuck in puppy mentality, then he should puppy-proof everything and keep an eye on the doggo. >:(
          • wolfdog
            wolfdogalmost 4 years
            There is something wrong, that is not normal :T
            • Animal Loverabout 4 years
              poor dog. they shouldnt call him that!
              • booooabout 5 years
                cutie pie
                • bradsica
                  bradsicaover 6 years
                  THAT IS SO CUTE
                  • lady gagaover 6 years
                    i love dogs
                    • wow257
                      wow257over 6 years
                      I think he was really fortunate. Most people wouldn't adopt dogs like him...😭