Guinea Pig Lovers Gather in Peruvian Festival


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A warning to all our readers! If you are a fan of this little critter you may want to skip this story). When the people of Peru in South America, say they love Guinea Pigs, they really mean it! This weekend thousands of them gathered to celebrate the third annual Guinea Pig Festival in the small coastal town of Huacho near Peru's capital Lima.

Guinea Pigs starred in all the festivities, which include competitions for the most fashionable guinea pig, fastest guinea pig, biggest guinea pig and ..........the tastiest guinea pig.

Yes, that is correct, for in Peru, guinea pigs are not considered cute pets, but a tasty treat.

According to the Peruvians who have been eating these critters since the time of the Incas, they taste better then rabbits, have very little grease and are very high in protein. They are eaten whole, either boiled or fried. Other more elaborate recipes include stuffing the pig with eggs and exotic spices.

Unlike larger animals, the guinea pig, which is native to the area, is found in abundance and grows quickly, making it a staple for people in the villages.

One of the chef's that was judging the contest thinks it is time to introduce guinea pig meat to fine-dining restaurants all over the world.

On a positive note, the winners of the competitions do not get served as food - at least not on festival day!

What do you think-Are you ready to try some guinea pig meat - be sure to add your comments below.


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  • guineapigglegrl
    I love piggies and I would go to the festival IF they did not eat the little guys they are celebrating!! Like I said, if you were celebrating Marie Curie, would you eat Marie Curie????
    • alphadog
      alphadog5 months
      Stop eating pigs📣!!!!(#savethepigs)✊help the guinea pigs
      • alphadog
        alphadog5 months
        I love guinea pigs I have one as a pet pepper is my favorite🐹iI would never eat him I would be sad😭😭😭to eat him
        • guineapigglegrl
          :( Guinea Pigs are the things that keep me going in COVID, I hate to see anyone eat them! If you were celebrating Marie Curie, would you eat her????
          • chrisyboigm
            chrisyboigm7 months
            • prettyplanet5
              I have 2 baby guinea pigs and they are so fat and cute every time I see them I want to scream.
              • zagycihelery
                zagycihelery7 months
                I have a guinea pig named Eevee he is so cute a fat
                • guineapigglegrl
                  Remember, always have two or more guinea pigs and check their cage size!
                • guinea_pig_girl
                  i have a guinea pig . SAVE THE GUINEA PIGS!🐹🐹
                  • guineapigglegrl
                    Remember to always have two or more guinea pigs and check the cage size!
                  • kotlcfitzphie12
                    That's so mean!!!:( #Savetheguineapigs
                    • wafflegirl2009
                      SAVE THE GUINEA PIGS :(