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All sculptors have a favorite medium they like to work with - For Sarah Kaufmann its cheese. Why such an unusual choice? Well if you were born and raised in cheese crazy Wisconsin, grew up surrounded by dairy farms, hung out with friends who thought wearing 'cheese' hats was cool and spent a big chunk of your working life promoting cheese, it may not sound so strange.

After graduating with a degree in Fine Arts, Ms. Kaufmann joined the Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board as Creative Director, where she was responsible for marketing and promoting Wisconsin cheese. Putting her college skills to work, she began carving cheese sculptures to use at trade and consumer shows.

As she continued to hone her skills, the popularity for her amazing masterpieces started to grow and in 1996, she finally became a full-time cheese sculptor or 'cheese lady' as she likes to call herself. In the last 12 years she has created edible works of art from cheese blocks as small as ten-pounds to ones made from a whopping 500-pound wheel.

Thanks to their yummy nature, Sarah's work is in demand in many places, ranging from museums to birthday parties, weddings and even tailgate parties.

Ms. Kaufmann's love and passion for cheese was quite obvious at her own wedding this summer. Starting from the cheese carving illustrated invitations, to the wedding bands that resembled cheese, to the Jolly Roger cheese carving at the appetizer table - the entire event reeked of the yellow stuff! To view more pictures or to invite The Cheese Lady to your special celebration, check out her site at


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