Game Boy Inducted To The 'Toy Hall Of Fame'


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Earlier this week, Nintendo's Game Boy was inducted to the National Toy Hall of Fame, along with the Big Wheel and the Ball!

While the Game Boy was selected for revolutionizing the gaming industry and for making gaming as ubiquitous as books, the Ball, was selected because it is one of those toys that never goes out of style - All of us love kicking around one, no matter how old we get!

Other toys that were nominated, but failed to make it, included, Cabbage Patch dolls, playing cards, the Rubik's Cube and sidewalk chalk.

If nominees like sidewalk chalk, ball and playing cards may seem like ordinary toys, they are - but that's exactly what the folks at the 'Strong National Museum of Play', which started this in 1988, are looking for - toys that have been enjoyed and sustained over a number of years, and are not just this year's Christmas frenzy.

A good example of that is one of last year's winners - a stick, something we have had ever since life began and something that we all love to trip over, throw or simply brandish at our 'foes'.

Other toys that sit pretty in this 'Hall of Fame' include classics like a jump rope, Hula Hoop, teddy bear, Candyland, Jigsaw puzzle, Jacks, Monopoly, Mr. Potato Head, Barbie and even a simple cardboard box.

Located inside the Strong National Museum of Play in Rochester, New York, the Toy Hall of Fame, houses original and updated versions off all 44 toys. Nominees can be picked by anybody. However, the final decisions are made by historians, educators and other individuals - No kids though!

To nominate your favorite toy or to check out if your favorite toy is in the Hall of Fame go to,,

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  • mattchien
    mattchienabout 1 year
    • bolt0225
      bolt0225almost 3 years
      I have a original game boy it’s nice
      • KINGover 3 years
        i like that it never goes out of style
        • supersmashbros
          supersmashbrosover 3 years
          If I have Game Boy. Then I can get any Super Mario games.
          • reggi films aimalmost 4 years
            keep on loving Nintendo keep it up
            • kirbykat360
              kirbykat360about 4 years
              I have one of those retro consoles that were bought back. I HAVE SNES!!!! My fav games are the original mariokart and kirby super star. I am amazing at mariokart. Do ya wanna challenge da koopa troopa?
              • buzter7190
                buzter7190about 4 years
                wow. I literally am reading this 9 years later and this still seems like it could have happened today. PS i am the biggest Gameboy fan at my school and i have the gameboy, gameboy color, gameboy advanc, and the gameboy advance SP.
                • nintendofanover 4 years
                  i has all the consoles
                  • Starfire over 4 years
                    I have any type of a console like sega genisis, Nintendo 64, and some other consoles too! But all I don't have is a game boy and some other consoles. Sorry!😉
                    • nintendogamer49
                      nintendogamer49over 4 years
                      Do ya have the Sega Pico, Atari Jaguar, Philips CD-i, and the Nintendo Virtual Boy? I don't, but do you? I don't think so..... but maybe you do.
                    • random guyover 4 years
                      I like game boys their cool