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Every year, the Los Angeles Auto Show sponsors a themed challenge where auto designers are asked to create their vision of what future cars will look like. Last year's challenge was to create racing cars of the future. This year, focusing on today's technology savvy youth, they asked carmakers to come up with a design 'wicked' enough to attract all of you, when you are ready to drive.

Six car companies took up the 'Youth Mobile 2030' challenge and the results, as you will see, are some pretty snazzy cars, guaranteed to turn heads on the freeway.

Car Hero by General Motors

American car company, General Motor's Car Hero envisions turning driving into a virtual gaming platform! Enter your destination into the navigational system of the car and then 'play' against it to try and win control over the car, while maneuvering through some amazing driving scenarios. Sure sounds like fun, but a little reckless, don't you think?

Helix By Honda

Japanese car company Honda, came up with an even more radical concept with the Helix. Inspired by the human genome, the car takes customization to a new level, by 'morphing' into the personality of the driver and changing its color or shape accordingly. It will also be able to change shape depending on the kind of roads it is on - a two-story 'skinny' car in highly congested areas, normal shape on ordinary roads and sprawled out wide, on big country roads!

Souga By Mazda

Mazda's Souga focuses on customization, even before the vehicle is built. Potential buyers are invited to create the car of their choice - shape, size, color and even the engine, using a virtual reality website and electronic design 'playground', dubbed VMazda. Each Souga will therefore be custom-made and completely unique - Pretty cool!

Audi eOra and eSpira

Audi designers came up with not one but two concept designs, that they liken to a 'downhill skier', that 'carves' the road with precision. The radical hub-less designs are built to completely synchronize with the driver's gestures and movements, so that together, they become one masterful force on the road!

Toyota Link

Toyota has built in a social networking feature into their vision of the future mode of transport, aptly called the Link. However, the design is not for a car, but a mass transit vehicle for the students of the future. Link vehicles can be picked up at designated hubs and once inside, the driver will be connected to his network of friends, so that they can share the commute, trade music or even class notes and schedules. The company also envisions replacing tires with 'Electro Conductive' spheres that convert friction caused when they are moving, to electricity, which re-charges the car automatically.

And . . . . . .The Winner Of The 2009 Youth Mobil 2030

V2G By Nissan

While all the concept cars were impressive, it was Nissan's V2G that the judges loved the most. Described by its creators as an 'eco neutral commuter car', the V2G could be driven on an electrified highway system or taken off grid and driven on normal roads. And of course, like all the others it can be fully customized.

Since all these cars are meant to be around when most of you are driving, which one do you think meets your criteria of the coolest vehicle? Be sure to let us know by adding your comments below!,,

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