The Youngest iPhone Programmer


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Unlike most nine-year olds who spend their energy trying to obtain an iPhone, Lim-Ding Wen spends his energy, creating fun applications for the iPhone.

His first game, called Doodle Kids, has been approved by Apple Inc., and is now available as a free download. Released just two weeks ago, the art application has already been downloaded 4,000 times.

Using Doodle Kids, users can draw shapes like circles, squares or even stars, by simply touching the iPhone's screen. The creations can be animated by touching the space key and deleted, using either the delete key or simply shaking the phone.

Lim, who created Doodle Kids for his younger sisters, learnt how to insert a disk and boot a computer when he was just two. Growing up with a father who is also an expert programmer, Lim became increasingly interested in programming.

When he was seven years old, he persuaded his father to teach him how to write a computer program and now two years later, he is fluent in six computer program languages.

Lim, who lives in Singapore, says that he and his father, who also writes applications for the iPhone, have fun comparing whose games get more downloads every night. The next game Lim is working on is a Space race game, aimed at older kids and is going to be called Invader Wars.,

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