This Teacher Rocks!


While we think all teachers are incredible, this one definitely went beyond the normal call of duty to keep his students safe.

It all began on Wednesday afternoon, when nine high school students accompanied by two teachers, set off on to explore the cliffs at a beach in Bideford, Devon.

After scaling the lower parts of the steep cliff the group decided to head back to the parking lot. That's when they realized that the tide had rolled in and there was no way they could get down safely.

Since the area had no cell phone reception, they were unable to call for help. The only thing the students could do was to hang on to the cliff and wait until either the tide subsided, or someone at school realized they had been gone too long.

That's when one of the teachers took matters in his own hands. Without any climbing gear or safety equipment, he decided to scale over the 300ft steep cliff and go to the nearby Hartland Quays hotel for help.

However, as he was climbing, the manager of the hotel, Chris Jones spotted him and then also noticed the rest of the stranded group near the bottom of the cliff.

Sensing that something was wrong, he called emergency services. A rescue helicopter from the Royal Air Force quickly flew in and pulled out the stranded students and teachers, two at a time.

They later admitted that they have never had to rescue a group this big. As for the students - they are a little shaken, but otherwise fine and eternally grateful for their amazingly brave and caring teacher!


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