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Sara Campbell, a British diver, set a new freediving record on Thursday, when she completed a 96-meter dive into the ocean and back, holding her breath the entire time. It took Sara three minutes and 36 seconds to go to depths that have never been reached in a similar competition, by any woman before.

The 37-year old was competing against seven women at the Vertical Blue 2009, an invitation-only competition that stages the world's best freedivers. Freediving is considered an extreme sport, where man and women compete to test the limits of their capacity for depth on a single breath and using their own strength. This year the competition was held off the coast of the Bahamas Islands at Dean's Black Hole, the world's deepest hole, that reaches all the way down to 203 meters under the ocean.

Contestants can participate in one of three categories: constant weight, unassisted and free immersion. Sara's specialty is constant weight, where the diver descends and ascends with just the help of two fins or a monofin.

This is not the first time Sara has broken a record. In 2007, she took the freediving world by storm when she shattered two world records - in a sport that she had taken up only nine months prior to the competition. Her quest for another record the following year had to be postponed due to the death of her mother. She was therefore glad to be back this year to regain her title.

And she is not done yet - Before the competition ends on April 11th, she is going to try one more dive - this time all the way to 100ft. We sure hope she makes it!

Enjoy the 2007 video, where Sara shares her passion for her sport.

Sources: Telegraph.co.uk, extremesport4you.com

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