23-year old Danny MacAskill has been tearing the streets of Edinburgh and wowing people across the globe with his bike stunts for a few years now. However, his latest stunt video has taken the world by storm and received more hits than any cycling video ever.

Born in Dunvegan, on the Isle of Skye in the UK, Danny has been riding bikes since the age of 11. He enjoyed it so much that he gave up his career as a bike mechanic and joined,The Clan, a group that performs stunt biking shows all over the United Kingdom.

The team leader for the group, Danny now has a large range of impressing stunts under his belt, including jumping over gates, doing air-born 360s off ledges and curbs, hopping nimbly on the tops of bike racks, and riding up and down stairs. He can even go up the trunks of trees and do flips off them!

Danny, who is constantly looking around to figure out what different stuff he can do with his bike, says it is pretty strange seeing himself on television. That's because this modest stunt man never thought his biking skills would become such a sensation and never expected the fame his latest video has brought.

The daredevil has sustained several minor injuries while performing his wild stunts, but ‚Äúnothing too serious.‚ÄĚ While a lot of his stunts like riding along the tops of and jumping off buildings and bridges, seem death defying, Danny says his most dangerous one was trying to ride along a spiky fence. It took forever to do, and for once he was afraid he would hurt himself.

Danny, who recently launched his own website, www.dannymacaskill.co.uk, says that all the recent fan mail is very inspiring and will encourage him to push his sport to the next level. I can't imagine how he will top this video, but have a feeling he will somehow manage.

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