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Just like any two-year old, Melbourne toddler, Aelita Andre loves to finger paint - Except her paintings are considered works of art and, are fetching thousands of dollars.

Aelita, rose to fame earlier this year, after a gallery added her 'abstract' paintings to their collection, not realizing that she was just two years old. By the time the gallery owner found out, he had already added her work to his marketing catalogues and decided to see what happens. He needn't have worried - Aelita's paintings sold like hot cakes and the rest as they say, is history.

The two-year old who still drinks milk from a bottle, and is a big fan of Baby Einstein now even has her own website, www., that showcases and sells all her masterpieces - pretty amazing!


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  • gyttdvbgtdcvbgfover 7 years
    so cute! love the paintings !!!!!!!!!
    • Diamond cutie over 7 years
      She's ADORABLE!!!!!!¡😍😍
      • Awesome😜over 7 years
        Small children get smarter every day!😉
        • missmunch
          missmunchover 7 years
          Wow, that is pretty crazy! Although some of her 'paintings" are pretty cool. She is super cute! I
          • xyixiytycyiciycabout 8 years
            No offense she is cute cute and cu t e
            • xyixiytycyiciycabout 8 years
              Cute but talented... uh uh. It isn't fair. We're not doing so well with money at the moment, I could do that and make us rich. Her talent doesn't exist. She is cute but she is probably good at something else
              • sydio
                sydioabout 8 years
                What is a little baby getting paid for i mean thats cool and all but hes like 4 or 3 so humph
                • lizzie123
                  lizzie123over 8 years
                  That's very interesting but why 1,000$ or 2,000$ for a toddlers painting?!
                  • cheetahluver
                    cheetahluverover 8 years
                    Umm thats cute but so not fair. I know many people are amazing artists but no one even knows their name. A toddler's messy paint splatters should not be sold for thousands of dollars.
                    • minecraft girlover 9 years
                      she about as good as i was