And The Rules Are . . . . . . . . Meant To Be Broken?


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We all know how difficult it is to always follow the rules. However, as these hilarious pictures will show you, sometimes it may just be the right thing to do!

OK guys, Let's see who can hit the bulls-eye!

Either this person was too lazy to dig two little holes in the ground or he had the utmost confidence in the target shooters - Either way, we wouldn't try this at home!

This ladder has met all the safety standards

If you believe that, we have a bridge to sell you! We are amazed that he even got up there without the ladder falling apart.

Slight turn, up the curb. . . . . And voila!

What on Earth made the driver do this?

Brave Handyman

We're almost there - Just hold on to my tush for a few more minutes - And you, hold on to the t-shirt - that way I know for sure, I will not fall down!

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                      I have 1 question, WHY?