Keeping Cool In Summer


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Ah, the sweltering days of summer are finally upon us - time for those popsicles and water sprinklers to come out - not for us though, but for animals that also feel the heat but are unable to complain. Here is how some of the zoos around the world help them cool off.

A hammock, a giant popsicle and a bag of peanuts - What more could a Chimp wish for?

Vanilla Ice Cream with a bar of flake chocolate please! - The lemurs at Drayton Manor Theme Park are a little particular

While all Billy, the Eagle Owl wants is a cool shower!

Hello - Can't you see I am already in the shower? The baby nellies at Chester Zoo, UK try and cool off!

Thanks for the Ice cream - But l prefer the cone! A lion-tailed macaque at Bristol Zoo Gardens tries to figure out how to handle his cool treat.

Hmm - How should we tackle this? Meerakats check out their frozen treat at Cotswold Wildlife Park in England.

Thanks for the treat - Gotta to go now! - Chimp at Chester Zoo starts his busy day after receiving his treat!

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