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On August 16th, 26 youngsters from 18 countries gathered at London's Trafalgar Square to compete in the World Freerunning competition, a sport that involves gymnastic moves like handstands and back-flips, all performed in an everyday urban environment.

Freerunning originated 20-years ago in Paris, France where it is known as Le Parkour. Since then, it has evolved into an organized sport, made even more official by these kind of events.

The event was won by last year's runner-up, 21-year-old Tim "Livewire" Shieff, a British resident who took up the sport five years ago. Victor "Showtime" Lopez from the USA and Jason Paul from Germany came in second and third respectively. To learn more about this sport and the athletes, check out

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  • GYMNAST over 3 years
    I could do that in my sleep
    • vajyxagufytyvo
      vajyxagufytyvoover 3 years
      I've never done parkour but I can do a backflip
      • k1225430
        k1225430about 3 years
        cool i am a gymnast so i can do all sorts of stuff
      • Super-Dudeover 4 years
        I can't do a backflip, but I can do a front flip off of a half pipe.
        • deadpoolabout 5 years
          I can do four backflips in the air
          • yoloabout 5 years
            I can do a triple backflip
            • alien_potatoes
              alien_potatoesover 5 years
              For some reason I can't do backflips, It's to hard.
              • red poptartsover 5 years
                I love parkour i broke my arm from jumping off a 40 foot house
                • k1225430
                  k1225430about 3 years
                  that is so awesome i hope your arm gets better
                • red poptartsover 5 years
                  Sick man
                  • Cole over 5 years
                    I Do Parkour And I Am Really Good At It But I'm Not As Good As The People In The Video But It Does Inspire Me.
                    • cooldude35
                      cooldude35almost 6 years
                      I do parkour!
                      • cooldude35
                        cooldude35almost 6 years
                        And I am good at it!