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Miranda is a fifth-grader who loves to cook and adores her dog Lucy. The ten-year old recently decided to combine her two passions and start a business. Doggy On the Go is a one-person dog-treat manufacturing company, where everything is made from scratch using the finest natural ingredients for that four-legged love of your life. Below (in Miranda's own words) is how it all began . . . . . .

The idea for Doggy on the Go, a natural dog treat company was conceived in July 2007, right after we adopted my dog Lucy from a shelter. While Lucy now had a safe home with good food, I wondered how many helpless dogs were becoming sick from eating bad dog food. Also since I now had a pet, I noticed that finding a healthy treat was a little hard.

Stealing every minute I could, I secretly started working on my 'business' idea in my bedroom, Finally, when I felt I had enough material to convince my mum and dad I ran downstairs, almost tripping on the steps. Holding my notebook behind my back, I hardly recognized that excited voice that said 'mum, dad, I would like to show you my new idea'.

Once I had my parents' full attention, I pulled the notebook from behind and announced, 'I would like to start my own business'. While skeptical at first, my parents were soon convinced, especially when they saw how much work I had already put into developing my idea.

Of course there were a lot of details we still would have to sort out like getting the start-up capital, a business license, creating a website, spreading the word etc. etc. However, with my parents' full support, I knew I would be able to realize my dream.

After countless hours of research, reading, trying new recipes, testing it with the neighborhood dogs and even learning how to build a website I was ready to go.

Doggy on the Go was officially launched in January 2008. Some of my first orders came from friends and neighbors and since then the word has spread to others in the city too. I am also a frequent visitor to the local dog parks, where I make new friends and regular customers. Not only is my business booming, but I am having a great time and the best part is, I am still sticking to my original idea - all the treats are natural and hand-made with care by me!

To order some tasty and healthy treats for your pooch, check out my website at

Be sure to check out Miranda's website for doggy treats. However, Miranda's skills do not only stop at dog cooking - She makes amazing food for humans too. Starting this October, Miranda will be sharing some of her best recipes with DOGONews readers in her new segment entitled 'Cooking With Miranda' - Stay tuned!

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