Anjana The Chimp Adopts Yet Another 'Kitty Cat'


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Anjana, a chimp that resides at The Institute of Greatly Endangered Species in South Carolina, has always had a penchant for wild cats. It was not too long ago, when she adopted Mitra and Shiva, two orphaned baby tigers. This time around, she has decided to take on an orphaned baby Puma.

Anjana took a fancy to little Sierra, the minute she showed up at the sanctuary. Since then, the two have been inseparable, cuddling and playing together every chance they get. Just like any other responsible mother, Anjana feeds the baby regularly and scoops her up, if she is racing around too fast and is likely to get hurt. And, if need be, she will also help clean her up, by fetching the wet wipes!

Five-year old Anjana has spent her entire life at the center, and over the years has learnt a trick or two about caring for infants from her mentor, China York, a feline curator. Besides the baby tigers, the amazing chimp has also help raise a leopard and four lion cubs.

The Puma, also known as the mountain lion, cougar or panther is the largest of the small species of wild cats. The various names are a result of the large number of places the animal can be found, which ranges from South West Canada to the Western United States to the continent of South America. The largely solitary cats are fast runners that can jump as high as 20 ft. While good swimmers, just like other wild cats they are reluctant to get in the water, unless absolutely necessary. They are carnivorous animals that eat whatever prey is available to them, even porcupines and quills!


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