Wannado City - Where Kids Do What They 'Wanna Do'!


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Can't decide what you want to be when you grow up? Well now you can try out one or all your aspirations in a day, at a theme park called Wannado City. The best part is, you don't have to get any special training or go to school.

Based in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, Wannado City is a 140,000 Sq.Ft. theme park (about the size of three football fields) where everything is just like the real world . . . Except that it is run by kids.The doctors, lawyers, firemen, nurses, circus performers and even policemen that are busy giving traffic and speeding tickets, are all under the age of 15! With over 120 professions to choose from, kids can be almost anything they want to be!

Upon entering the city, each kid receives a check for Wongas, Wannado's official currency. They then have the option of depositing the money in their own 'bank' account or spending it at the shops

They also have the option to earn more Wongas by getting 'jobs'. In this world, if you are broke, jobs are easy to find and with each career lasting between 15-40 minutes, money is fairly easy to make!

After a hard day's 'work', (or even before), kids can wind down on the rollercoaster and other rides and then go have a relaxing dinner, at one of the many fine-dining restuarants. (all kid-friends of course!)

While kids are being 'grown-ups', parents can either relax in specially designated lounges, proudly watch their kids fulfill their dreams, or even play the role of normal people. Imagine giving your dad a traffic ticket - That sure sounds like fun! If you want to check out more details about this imaginary world check out: www.wannadocity.com.

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  • lavaloveover 6 years
    OPEN AGAIN I know SOOO many people that wish they could go there and others want there kids to go! so please OPEN UP AGAIN!!!!!!!
  • Joeyover 6 years
    It means to me or bring
    • logibogi
      logibogiabout 7 years
      that place was cool
      • schoolsucksabout 7 years
        So sad it closed... I really wanted to see it.
        • somebodyabout 7 years
          Wow it looks amazing! wish I went there sad it closed down :{
          • lolover 7 years
            ive been their
            • z14
              z14over 7 years
              where will it be in Michigan?
              • Suziover 7 years
                Does the narwhal bacon at midnight?
                • crystalmori
                  crystalmoriover 7 years
                  I'd love to try singing, acting for films, designing and a whole bunch of other stuff, but my primary field is being an author, which I can do at home, anyways. Still, it might be fun to go there some day. I think this is a really good ting for kids since we're going to be running the world someday, so we need to see how it works.
                  • wanndo city kidover 7 years
                    i rally miss that place