Video Of The Week - Finnish Bear Needs A Bedtime Hug!


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Ever felt that the only way you could sleep is if someone you really like tucked you in? Well Juuso the great big Brown bear from Finland's Predator Animal Center, felt the same way!

As winter is coming nearer Juuso needed to start hibernating like the rest of the bears, and while his eyes kept closing at awkward moments and he seemed very tired, he refused to go inside his man-made lair.

That was until he got tucked in like a baby by his best friend, the caretaker Sulo Karjalainen. Sulo's job is to make sure all the animals have everything they need. But as he does this, he and the animals become fast friends.

To help him sleep, Sulo led Juuso into his lair and stayed there until the bear laid his body onto his straw bed and dozed off. Now all I can say is don't let the bedbugs bite or should I say don't let the flies swat you!

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  • stephany_hannah
    The bear is like the cuddliest bear ever!
    • trickyhacker33
      Grizzly bears are the strongest in the world, but if you play dead and stay still or not offend them they will leave you alone.
      • unipug2
        unipug22 months
        Bears ARE SOOO CUTE!
        • alphadog
          alphadog4 months
          awwww so cute🐻
          • abigailann
            abigailannover 6 years
            awwwwww so cute!
            • hugsrockover 6 years
              this is the cutest video ever
              • animaljam
                animaljamover 6 years
                • snugybugy
                  snugybugyover 6 years
                  but still, the bears so cute!
                • lolhaha
                  lolhahaover 6 years
                  • bigmelo
                    bigmeloover 6 years
                    Huggies! Come on, everyone! Group hug! *awkwardly hugs computer screen* :D
                    • animefan3
                      animefan3over 6 years
                      Yea sure group huge
                      • nikukyu
                        nikukyuover 6 years
                        Let's do it! *Hugs iPad screen to my heart*
                        • animefan3
                          animefan3over 6 years
                          Ok I will do it nikukyu
                      • Country Girlover 6 years
                        I really need a bear huge😔😜!
                        • nikukyu
                          nikukyuover 6 years
                          Well then, I will give you a (cyber) bear hug!
                          • aphphilippines
                            aphphilippinesover 6 years
                            Room for one more? *Cyber hugs*
                            • animefan3
                              animefan3over 6 years
                              Of course we have room for cyber hugs