Arizona Dane Is World's Tallest Dog . . . . Ever!


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A four-year-old Great Dane from Tucson, Arizona has a new nickname - 'Giant George' - And rightfully so, because he is not just the World's Tallest Dog, but the World's Tallest Dog . . . . . Ever!

George measures 3feet 7inches tall (paw to shoulder) and 7feet 3inches long (nose to tail) and, is .75 inches taller than the previous record holder, Titan, also a four-year old Dane who lives in San Diego.

The massive canine, who at 245lbs is about a 100lbs heavier than the average Dane, consumes 110lbs of food each week, sleeps in a real queen-sized bed and is tall enough to reach up into the sink and get his own treat. Like most teenagers, he likes to hang out with his friends, but his most favorite thing, is to ride in a golf cart.

While George is the center of attraction wherever he goes, his new title has made him even more famous. Soon after he received the title, he was invited to appear on the Oprah Winfrey show.

He flew to Chicago occupying three 'bulk head' seats. While there, he took his first limousine ride, experienced his first snow, stayed in a five-star hotel, posed for photos with hundreds of eager fans, and successfully taped a show with one of the world's most famous celebrities.

As would be expected, George was very well behaved through the entire process and the taping went without a glitch. When it was time to head back, George settled into his three seats, happy to go back to his normal life and friends, who have no idea how famous their gigantic pal is! To see more videos of 'Giant George', check out his website,,

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      I am soooooo going to get one of those. It will protect me!
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        im not getting one
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          Terrible dog
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            my name is Ryan to Im going to get one of those when I am older
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                  that thing is tall
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                    that is about as tall as me.
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                      that dog is very very tall