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All of us know how boring and depressing a stay or even a visit to the hospital can be. Now imagine how unbearable it would be if you were really sick and had to spend a few weeks or even months inside one.

BayKids, a non-profit organization, located in San Francisco, California understands the issue and has come up with an innovative solution to make life a little more tolerable for kids faced with a long-term hospital stay.

Working in partnership with the Children's Hospital and Research Center Oakland and the UCSF Children's Hospital, the organization empowers children facing medical challenges to express themselves and find joy through the art of filmmaking.

The video below, entitled 'Passion For Fashion' is an example of one of the videos. Here young Isabella, an aspiring designer, gets to not only show off her design sketches, but also, see some of them come to life, in a fashion show, held at the Children's Hospital in Oakland.

To view other fun videos, inspired or made by the children, be sure to check out their site:


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  • goodvibes100
    goodvibes100over 2 years
    I don't want to be a fashion designer but I do want to be a stylist
    • Zachover 4 years
      this is very interesting
      • jennabell
        jennabellabout 11 years
        i'm going to be a fashion designer!!!
      • swirlylollypops
        swirlylollypopsabout 11 years
        i really want to become a fashion designer/hair stylest!
        • Kailanalmost 12 years
          • timover 12 years
            lolz rofl :) that was sick
            • juliaover 12 years
              • jasonover 12 years
                she was coooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool
                • Coolnessover 12 years
                  Fashion doesn't interest me but hey, designing your own fashion is cool.
                  • cool almost 13 years
                    i am a boy and i am not a fashion deziner but i do draw an boys are coool girls are to if there were no grirls we we boy would sees to exsist. an we would not have cool clothes.