Video Of The Week - Learn To Multiply By Nines In Five Minutes


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If you are looking to impress your friends or math teacher, look no further - You will be able to master how to multiply by nines in a mere five minutes. All you have to do is watch the video!

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  • ferdalmost 5 years
    • dorkzilla
      dorkzillaalmost 7 years
      I needs this to beat a boy nicknamed Butter (don't ask why he was nicknamed Butter) in math since I already beat him in reading.😁
      • kaylamay
        kaylamayalmost 8 years
        math is now easier with this trick
        • milesmaple
          milesmaplealmost 8 years
          It works but its amazing how this is true
          • spacekeyabout 8 years
            math is sweet
            • josephine about 8 years
              i believe the video
              • shivi483
                shivi483about 8 years
                I know it of by heart when ever some one says a question of time tables bang I say the answer look like in school we did a time tables competion and I won I ask if any one wants to vs me but they gave up and some ask me how but that was in home groups and that was 3 years ago.
                • hrwallace31
                  Hollie Wallaceover 8 years
                  THE RACE IS ON! Practice with your Elbow partner the 9 times table using the fingers method. See who crosses the finish line first! Post the winner and the times here. GOOD LUCK!
                  • awesome 826over 8 years
                    oh wow
                    • vbcvover 9 years