The Big Wheel Race - A San Francisco Easter Tradition


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Easter Sunday means different things to different people. For some it means going to church, for others a visit from the Easter bunny, and, for the residents of San Francisco, it means getting ready for the Big Wheel Race!

The hilarious family event that entails adults racing down the steep curved streets of the city's Potrero Hill neighborhood, is the brainchild of conceptual artist, Jon Brumit.

The race is quite simple - adults compete by riding a kid's tricycle down the hill as fast they can. The person who makes it to the finish line first, is declared the winner. The only two rules to abide by, are that the bicycle wheels should not be made from rubber and that everyone attending should clean up after themselves.

While it may sound simple, the race is actually quite tricky, and results in quite a few scrapped knees and even a few broken bones. For one, tricycles have no brakes, and then there is the issue of an adult sitting on a tiny trike and trying to maneuver the sharp turns, whilst descending a steep hill. Needless to say, pile-ups are not only common, but an expected part of the event.

However, as in every sport, experienced competitors have a winning strategy. To increase the friction between the road and their shoes (the only way to brake), they stick duct tape on the soles and, since this is San Francisco, some 'meditate' prior to starting the race - At least that was the strategy used by the winner in 2008.

Why would grown men (and women) do this? For the grand prize of course! Past winners have received amazing prizes like a brand new hand-decorated underwear for their efforts! No word on what this year's winner will take home.

If you wish to enter one or both your parents, the race will take place on April 4th at 4.00pm on Vermont Street in San Francisco, California. The best part is, there is no registration required - So just show up to roll, slide, tumble or simply enjoy the scene from the sidelines! To read more details go to


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