World's Largest Bunny Is 4ft 3inches Tall And Still Growing!


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At 4ft. 3inches tall, 12-month old Darius would be considered humungous even amongst us humans, so it should as no surprise that the Flemish Giant has just been declared the world's largest rabbit by the Guinness Book of World Records.

And the gentle giant is not done yet - his breeder Annette Edwards believes that Darius will continue to add to his 50lbs frame for at least another six months. His secret? - A gentle disposition, lots of exercise and a healthy diet that comprises of 12 carrots, six apples and 2 cabbages every day!

Darius is however not fazed by his newly found fame - After all, he comes from a lineage of record-breaking giants, which include his grandfather Roberto, who measured 3ft 6in, grandmother Amy, who came in at 4ft, and his own mother Alice, who at 3ft 3in, took over the title last September after Amy died.

Ms. Edwards, who is so fond of rabbits that she has transformed herself into a Jessica Rabbit look-alike ('Who Framed Roger Rabbit'), is thrilled that the title is being kept in the family!

Continental Giant rabbits are known to be gentle giants and make great pets. Thanks to their size, they don't do too well in cages and require lots of exercise to keep them happy. Extremely popular in the United Kingdom, the rabbits have thick glossy coats and can range in color from a dark steel gray and black to even blue or opal.,,

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