Jordan Romero is The Youngest Person To Climb Mt. Everest!

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Just five weeks ago, 13-year old Jordan Romero was bidding time at a base camp in Tibet, China working on his algebra assignments, waiting for the weather to improve, so that he could get to the 'Top of the World'.

By the end of Saturday, the charismatic teen was not only a step closer to conquering his dream of climbing the seven summits, but also, the youngest person ever, to climb the summit of Mount Everest!

Jordan's team, which comprised of his dad, his stepmother and three sherpas completed the 29,035 feet climb, ahead of schedule. As soon as he reached the summit the 13-year old called his mother, who had been anxiously tracking his progress on the GPS tracker and announced 'Mom I am calling you from the top of the world'.

The team has now safely returned to the advance base camp in Tibet, where Jordan is resting before the final descent and then, a triumphant trip home back to California. Later in the year, he is hoping to climb the last of the seven summits - Antarctica's, Vinson Massif and fulfill the dream that he has harbored since he was nine years old. To read about this amazing teen's experience, check out his blog,,

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