See You Later Alligator!


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Samantha Young is a nine-year old with an unusual hobby - wrestling alligators - And, it's not a fad either! This younger, cuter version of Crocodile or in this case Alligator Dundee, has been doing it since she was six-years old, and still can't get enough.

There is of course a reason that she picked such an unusual hobby - Her parents, Jay and Erin are both professional alligator wrestlers who own the Colorado Gators Reptile Park, home to 400 alligators, including retired movie actor Morris, a veteran star, who has appeared in films like Happy Gilmore and Doctor Doolittle 2. The park, which is also a working Tilapia farm, is also home to Pythons, Emus and several species of exotic birds.

Samantha, who was brought up around these ferocious reptiles, says she was a little nervous when she first started, but has gotten quite comfortable as years have gone by. Besides, she knows that her dad, who has been wrestling gators since he was five years old, is always watching her back.

The youngster has become so good that she has taught many grown men, including members of the U.S. Marin, how to wrestle gators. According to the nine-year old, it's quite simple - All one has to do, is position themselves on the alligator's back so that its neck and mouth are under control - then, simply pull the head and you have yourself a tame alligator! YIKES!


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