Eight-Ton BumbleBee Greets Fans At World's First Cybertron Conference In Shangai


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From July 30th to August 3rd, Tranformer lovers are gathered in Shanghai for the first official fan convention - the Transformers Cybertron Con. Sponsored by the toy's manufacturer Hasbro, the event, which features toys, books, movies and other related products, is believed to be the largest Transformer-related conventions ever.

The fun begins even before visitors enter the hall, for greeting them is none other than a life-size version of one of the most popular Transformers, Bumblebee. The 23ft. (7 meters) tall specimen, that weighs over 8 tons, is the largest Transformer statue ever made.

Once inside, things just get better as fans are treated to even more robotic delights, including a history corridor that features 3,000 figures representing the transformation of the robots over their 26-year existence.

Other highlights include a graffiti wall featuring Transformer characters, demonstrations of the latest video game - Transformers: War for Cybertron, art lessons by none other than the toy's chief designer, Michelino Paolino, a theater featuring the movies and the 1980's animated television series, as well as, competitions testing the skills of the fans on their ability to transform the toys to cars and vice versa.

While there are Transformer fans all over the world, China seems to have some of the most enthusiastic ones. To celebrate the release of Transformers 2 - 'Revenge of the Fallen', Chinese fans took to the streets driving a parade of 'Bumblebee' cars.

This is probably the reason the folks at Hasbro decided to hold their first fan convention there - All we can say is . . . . . NOT FAIR!

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