Video Of The Week - Yes, Money Does Grow On Trees


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Ever dreamed you could just walk over to a tree and pluck some money? Your wish would have come true if you lived in Sydney, Australia and happened to come to this park on that fateful Monday in July.

The experiment, an attempt to 'wake up people's lazy money', was set up by Rabo Direct, an on-line bank, based in Australia. After attaching hundreds of $5 AUD notes to a tree, the pranksters secretly filmed people's reactions, as they strolled by.

What they observed was quite interesting - The first 100 or so people who walked by didn't notice anything unusual. The same thing happened with a group of joggers who simply pointed at the tree and moved on.

When some park visitors finally took notice, they simply gazed at the tree for a few minutes, took pictures and then walked away, without plucking a single bill!

It was not until much later that one brave soul reached up to pluck some notes, and started a frenzy as people suddenly woke up and realized that there was actually some free money!


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  • Zachabout 3 years
    that is really cool
    • neo786almost 4 years
      ok cool
      • ggalmost 4 years
        why cant they do that here too!!
        • nycover 5 years
          i wish i was there i want more money too!!!
          • raza2004
            raza2004over 6 years
            Money doesn't grow on trees, but you can do that trick! Awesome I wish that happened in NZ!
            • Raza2004over 6 years
              i wish that was in NZ!
              • z14coolhal
                z14coolhalover 6 years
                • your yoover 6 years
                  money doesnent grow on trees
                  • bluetooth
                    bluetoothalmost 7 years
                    :o What it does? How? Money is made from trees!
                    • annabeth123
                      annabeth123almost 7 years
                      Ha! That's really funny. Especially how everyone walked by without taking one or two.