Too Tall To Go To School!


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At 6-ft 9-inches tall, 14-year-old teen Elisany Silva, certainly stands out high above the rest of her family and friends - Not surprising, given that she is currently one of the tallest teenagers in the world!

In fact, the Brazilian, whose growth spurt started after she turned 11, is so tall, that she has stopped going to school because she simply can't fit inside the bus! She even has trouble fitting in her own house where is always bumping her head against the wooden roof.

Doctors believe that she is suffering from a rare disease called gigantism, which occurs when the body produces excessive amounts of growth hormones. If left untreated, the condition could cause health problems.

However, Elisany's family who lives in the state of Para, is too poor to get her tested to get an accurate diagnoses and the teen herself doesn't seem too worried. Instead, she is busy pursuing her dream to become a fashion model. Rumor has it that she has already lined up her first contract on the runway at a bridal show in Belem, Brazil. We sure hope she does well!


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  • kittylover8786
    kittylover8786over 4 years
    Wow she is super tall, I am really short!!!
    • Robustover 5 years
      I think im 5' 4' and I'm in 6th, so I'm actually taller than most of my classmates and my family.
      • fluffycatgal
        fluffycatgalalmost 6 years
        That's just sad. Ppl discriminate against ppl who are different
        • Mariaabout 6 years
          Being that tall would be a dream come true(besides the headaches )
          • banana2016
            banana2016about 6 years
            I hate being tall but her life seams to be fine!
            • #gigigymnasticsabout 6 years
              That's pretty tall for a 14 year old girl! I'm never going to be that tall : P
              • Girl_Power_825about 6 years
                Woah she is taller than my parents
                • hunter51899
                  hunter51899about 6 years
                  How could you be in 6th grade and be 5ft. 8in.
                  • Thecatgirlabout 6 years
                    I hope she gets a moddling job
                    • Glittergirl101about 6 years
                      I don't like being tall!!! :-(